The Western Wall (Kotel)

The Western Wall (Kotel), image copyright NICHOLASTAN

For the past couple of months I have had this longing to daven at the Kotel in Yerushalayim. It’s almost like there’s a small part of me that feels empty inside, like I’m missing something in my life and each day the desire to visit Yerushalayim becomes stronger. Now, I know that YHWH hears us no matter where in the world we daven but I can’t shake this feeling. The closest thing I can compare it to was the loneliness I endured before I met my bride, albeit in a spiritual sense.

I imagine that inside of me are many jars, some completely full, some partially full, some empty, and many that I am not even aware of yet. I praise YHWH for the way He has poured out His blessings upon me. He has been generous with an abundance of full jars (my bride, our kids, family, friends, Fellowship, our dachshunds). Still I wonder, why has He made known to me the empty jars? Actually, instead of kvetching I should be praising Him for not showing me all the empty jars in my life.

See, this is an area that I still really struggle with. I know YHWH blesses me so greatly and yet I still find myself kvetching about such minor things. Basically, it boils down to the fact that I am too spoiled. I have endured so little when I look at what others have gone through and what others still continue to deal with. Does this make me a bad person?

When I found this beautiful image captured by wl2ider on Flickr it truly touched me as it completely expresses what I am feeling inside. So much soul, it’s almost like we can get a glimpse into this man’s innermost feelings. Thank you Nicholastan for sharing this with us!

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