Well, what can I say? Sometimes we all need a good laugh. I stumbled across this and thought you might get a chuckle out of it too.

On a serious note, here’s the prayer in case you were wondering:

Modeh  ani  l’faneikha,  Melek  chai  v’kayom,  shehechezarta  bi  nish’mati  bechem’lah –  rabah  emunatekha

I give thanks before you, Sovereign living and eternal, for You have returned within me my soul with compassion – abundant is Your faithfulness!


Visions of Paul Newman and Tom Cruise walking into a pool hall, sharks looking over their prey, flash through my head as my daughter sits down at the dining room table. This petite young girl with innocent eyes sizes us up and then proceeds to shut us out, winning both games tonight.

We all decided we would play two games per night with the winner(s) getting to eat two coins each. Last night my daughter, aka the ringer, won our family’s first ever dreidel game convincingly by spinning Gimmel 5 times in a row. Actually, she spun 9 Gimmels in a row as we wanted to see just how long she could continue. Immediately my son and I concluded she must be using a loaded dreidel, so a switch was made. No luck, the onslaught continued tonight with two more victories in her gelt belt bringing her record to 3-1.

Something must be done. She has to be stopped. There’s too much chocolate at stake here!



Chanukah is quickly approaching and I was in the mood for something funny. So, without further ado… Enjoy!

This will be the first Chanukah celebration for not only myself but for my family as well. So, after visiting numerous websites a Chanukiah selection was made (final approval given by my wife of course!) The order was placed, shipment notification was received and at long last the question of  “What can brown do for me?” was answered. However, all was not as it seems…