Have you ever wondered “what’s the deal with that guy/girl?” You know, that person that just doesn’t fit in. The really quiet guy that sits by himself at lunch or the girl that everyone secretly laughs at because she’s just so weird. Well, last night I was floored by the words of a young man in his early twenties. (more…)


This is an issue I have been dealing with since I first began my studies and conversion. I am really hoping that those of you that might have been down this road before can offer some advice.


I just learned of a very sad situation. Confirmed by CNN.com/crime.

A teenage boy committed suicide while broadcasting his death online via webcam. The truly depressing part was the fact that some onlookers cheered/jeered him on in his efforts. Apparently, he had previously made references to ending it and felt that the only option he had left was death. Maybe some of the onlookers thought it was another attempt to gain attention, or some publicity stunt, or that he wouldn’t really do it, would he? (more…)