Was I ever excited when I woke-up to see the FedEx truck parked outside this morning. Just this past Sunday I had ordered a copy of the newly released 2009 version of The Scriptures. Actually, I ordered two copies: one for my daughter and one for myself. Anyways, I was quite surprised to have it in my hands in only three days! And no, I didn’t have to pay for expedited shipping.

So, why did I order the latest revision? Well, unlike my electronics addiction, it’s not because I just had to have the latest & greatest version. I believe the Institute for Scripture Research (ISR) really hit one out of the park with a great feature: whenever the Brit Chadasha makes an allusion to something in the Tanakh they have drawn attention by placing the text in bold type and also providing a citation to the source! This is a huge tool for all of us wishing to draw closer to YHWH and gain a deeper understanding of the beauty of His Word. They have also added illustrations, maps, and reference tables for distance and weight measurements. At last, I know what a cubit is!

I just wanted to commend the folks at the Institute for Scripture Research for all the hard work they are putting in. The restoration of YHWH’s name is vitally important to all people. Now is the time for us to return to the good life YAH has intended for us by returning to His Torah. Think about it, YHWH gave us an owner’s manual for our lives. All we have to do is open it up and learn how to keep our “life maintenence” on schedule.