Okay, I have to clear the air a little. I keep hearing people say they are ‘secular Jewish’. This irks me to no end. How can you say you are secular and Jewish at the same time? To me that’s like saying you’re almost pregnant! Believe me, either you are or you are not.

I have a hard time trying to understand why someone that has held the truth in their hands, that did not grow up in the pagan-filled world could possibly say “Hey, I want to go play in the mud for awhile.” It wasn’t until I came out of the mud pit (pagan filled religion, Babylon, etc.) that I finally began to feel good. Sadly, now more and more people are doing just the opposite.

So here’s your chance. If you disagree with me, sound-off. Or if you agree with me, sound-off. I’d love to know how you feel.