Yesterday while observing Shabbat I was privileged to receive a profound gift, something that I am sure will change my life forever!

A little background first: Normally after arriving at Shul and exchanging heartfelt “Shabbat Shaloms” we take some time to daven. Asking individual prayers, concentrating on the importance of the day, getting into the right frame of mind. I tend to ask that my praises and thoughts would be a sweet smelling fragrance before YAH, that He would take pleasure in my offerings and that I would make Him a proud Abba (Father).

I also like to ask that He would make me His servant. That He would allow me to serve Him in a way that will bring esteem to His great name. Yesterday was a little different though. For the first time I also asked permission to make a B’rit (Covenant) with Him to be His servant.

Our Torah reading was from B’Midbar (Numbers) 25,26. We learned about Pinechas and his zealousness for YHWH. How he thrust his spear through the man and woman that had gone astray. Believe me, if you learn what worshiping Pe’or was all about you would see why not only was Pinechas angered but also YHWH Himself. We also learned about how YHWH commanded that a census be taken of all those that were 20 years old and above. While Michael (one of our ministers) was speaking about the Torah reading he asked if we could have that same zealousness for YHWH? He then asked all those that were 20 years and older if we wanted to be His servant, to which I answered yes!

After Michael finished, Ruth (our other minister) spoke about the Haftarah (selections from the Prophets) and the B’rit Chadasha (Renewed Covenant) readings and the Words that YAH put upon her to teach us. She was then led to call up all those that could honestly say in their heart that they wanted to have that same zealousness for YHWH as He has for us. Anyone that wanted to be a servant for YHWH was asked to affirm this and was then annointed.

Now keep in mind, this was not something that was planned out. My prayer was done on an individual basis, just between YHWH and myself. Neither Michael nor Ruth had pre-planned to ask those questions. Ruth hadn’t planned to have us come up and make an affirmation, she said she was led to. Why did I have to answer if I wanted to be YAH’s servant twice? Because upon the testimony of two or three witnesses a matter is confirmed. D’varim (Deuteronomy) 19:15.

How amazing is YHWH? How loving is our Abba? After returning to my seat and quietly davening and meditating I was filled with His love again. I say again because the very same thing happened while I was davening in an ancient Synagogue. How do I know it was His love? Because it is a feeling that cannot be limited by our simple words. In fact, it is not just one feeling but rather a surge of all your emotions at one time. I will be blogging more about that day in the near future, YAH willing. I honestly believe this was YHWH answering my prayer and confirming our B’rit. So the next question is what will He have me do? I’m not sure but right now I couldn’t be happier 🙂