Well, once again Israel has come under fire (literally and figuratively). It seems as if the whole world is berating Israel for their operations in Gaza. The common argument, “it’s not proportionate.”

It’s not supposed to be proportionate. It’s supposed to send a message. “You want us to stop the bombing? Then stop trying to kill us!” Seriously, I may not have graduated college but I do know that if you keep poking a lion in the face with a stick, sooner or later he’s gonna take a chunk out of your backside.

Now, the whole time terrorist groups were launching rockets into Israel what was being said/done? Keep in mind these rockets were launched blindly. They were not aimed at military targets. No, wherever they landed was good enough for the terrorists. What did the world do while that was happening? Nothing. “Well, the rockets weren’t killing that many Jews.” Are you kidding me?! Israel is also being blamed for breaking the peace agreement. What peace agreement?! Just because the number of rocket attacks slowed down doesn’t mean there was peace. If a thief goes from mugging you once a day to only once a week does that mean you’re no longer getting robbed?

Those of us that live in the United States are spoiled. We enjoy a peace not found in most parts of the world. We have no idea what it is like to have an enemy that hates you with every ounce of there being and attacks you on a daily basis. We have no idea what it is like to have the front lines of the battlefield be in our own backyards. So before you go condemning Israel for saying “enough is enough” try to imagine how you would feel if you watched innocent men, women, and children dying around you on a daily basis. 911 ring a bell anyone? How quick were we to say “enough is enough?”

Yet, as much as I understand and agree with what Israel is doing, I know that only one will truly win with all this bloodshed. Good people will die on both sides. Mothers and fathers will mourn the loss of their children. Everyone will experience suffering. Everyone that is except for the true enemy, the one that hates all mankind, ha shatan.

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