This will be the first Chanukah celebration for not only myself but for my family as well. So, after visiting numerous websites a Chanukiah selection was made (final approval given by my wife of course!) The order was placed, shipment notification was received and at long last the question of  “What can brown do for me?” was answered. However, all was not as it seems…

After counting down the days the moment had finally arrived. This was to be our first family Chanukiah. A family heirloom that would be passed down to future generations. A treasured memory for my children to remember when they had families of their own and would recount past Chanukah celebrations with their children. These are the thoughts that danced in my head when I clicked the purchase now button. Maybe, it was the inner-Grizwald in me (sorry, a Christmas Vacation reference) but I had such high hopes for the newest member to our household.

Now folks, I wasn’t alone here. My wife was just as excited as me. Well, maybe not just as excited but excited nonetheless. After meeting the UPS driver at the porch she couldn’t wait to get inside and open it up. Box cutters were unsheathed, packing peanuts were flung about and finally there it was! Our very own Chanukiah!

pewter chanukiah

pewter chanukiah

“It’s smaller than I thought.” Words no man ever enjoys hearing his wife speak. Sadly, I had to agree with her. Naturally, being the man my father raised, I broke out the tape measure. “Yep, it’s 8 inches alright. Just like the website said.” I couldn’t help but feel a little embarrassed. I really expected it to be bigger. I mean the candles are almost as tall as the Chanukiah. Don’t get me wrong, it’s beautiful and very traditional looking just like we wanted, but it’s definitely not going to fill any windows.

When we were shopping we compared our selection with the others and it seemed to be the norm for what is on the market. Is this a normal reaction for a first-timer or am I experiencing Chanukiah envy? All joking aside, our new addition has found its place near the living room window and is anxiously awaiting its first lighting 🙂

By the way, when they said “sized to fit most menorahs” on the candle box, they must not have been familiar with our little buddy. Oy.