November 2008

Yirmeyahu (Jeremiah) 10:2-5

Thus said YHWH, “Do not learn the way of the gentiles, and do not be awed by the signs of the heavens, for the gentiles are awed by them.

“For the prescribed customs of these peoples are worthless, for one cuts a tree from the forest, work for the hands of a craftsman with a cutting tool.

“They adorn it with silver and gold, they fasten it with nails and hammers so that it does not topple.

“They are like a rounded post, and they do not speak. They have to be carried, because they do not walk. Do not be afraid of them, for they do no evil, nor is it in them to do any good.”

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Question: How do you respond when someone wishes you a merry christmas? (more…)

Watch and Listen:

After coming across this video on Shavua Tov!’s Blog I knew I had to share it with as many as possible. Rather than me trying to summarize what was so eloquently stated, I would ask you to click here and read her post directly. Thank you for sharing with us Rachel.

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Todah, Thank you. Such a simple expression that can mean so much to someone else in our lives.

  • Today, I will thank YHWH first and foremost. He has blessed me in numerous ways, most recently by answering my prayers and letting me know I am forgiven.
  • I thank my family for supporting me and loving me, even when I act like a schmuck!
  • I thank everyone that has taken the time to read my posts especially those that have taken the time to leave a comment. On that note, I intend to post all comments whether or not I agree with what is said. If I disagree I will simply clarify my position with a comment of my own. The only comments I will reject will be those that obviously intend to be hurtful or worse yet spam.
  • I thank my friends for allowing me into their lives. The thought that someone would be willing to honor me with the title of friend warms my heart. It might also imply that you should be evaluated for a mental imbalance!
  • I thank Cintas for considering me for a position with their company. I hope to hear an answer after the Holiday concerning a new job!

As many of us celebrate with our family and friends lets take the time to just say thank you to someone. Don’t wait to be prompted, take the initiative and make that first step. You never know how much those two little words might mean to someone in your life. Who knows, it may even inspire you to say the second most difficult word in the English language, sorry. 🙂

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So, you wanna be a WHAT! See, that was the reaction I was expecting from my family. What actually happened was completely different. (more…)

I just learned of a very sad situation. Confirmed by

A teenage boy committed suicide while broadcasting his death online via webcam. The truly depressing part was the fact that some onlookers cheered/jeered him on in his efforts. Apparently, he had previously made references to ending it and felt that the only option he had left was death. Maybe some of the onlookers thought it was another attempt to gain attention, or some publicity stunt, or that he wouldn’t really do it, would he? (more…)

Tehillim (Psalms) 46:10

“Be still, and know that I am Elohim…”

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